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Request a PetEdge catalog for all of your professional dog grooming and supplies! They are the largest supplier to pet care professionals and independent retailers. Groomers, kennels, veterinarians, breeders, and active pet enthusiasts have access to over 10,000 national-brand and exclusive PetEdge Catalog products. The Free PetEdge Catalog is the number one spot for Grooming Clippers & Blades. Most people realize long-haired animals require a good amount of grooming to stay comfortable and healthy. A good pet clipper is a necessity for both professional groomers and also any owner who wants to do their own grooming. You will need to consider several things before you purchase a clipper. If a power outlet isn’t readily accessible and your pet needs a small amount of grooming, you can consider wireless clippers. However, if you require power and more use you will have to go with a corded clipper. No matter which version you choose you will need to maintain, oil, and clean your clippers as well. You will want to be sure to purchase clippers with A5 blades so they are easy to replace. If you’re a professional groomer the weight of a clipper is an important factor.  PetEdge Catalog has many clippers, replacement blades, and accessories to choose from. understanding the specs, and benefits of the various clippers available will help in making the best-informed decisions when purchasing a new grooming tool.

6 Things You Must Know Before Purchasing Your Grooming Clippers.

1. What to look for in a clipper blade. 

For easy versatility make sure it’s A-5 Compatible. Oster the original manufacturer of the first professional detachable blade clipper, originated this term as well. Today, it’s the standard term for a clipper of a certain size with detachable blades making the blades interchangeable between brands. Well-known manufacturers such as Andis, Wahl, and Geib produce these standardized size clippers with A-5 compatible detachable blades. Usually, the clipper is sold with one blade but other blade sizes are available to be purchased separately so the buyer can customize the clippers depending on their needs.

2. There are two types of Clipper Motors to choose from.

 Number one is the Universal geared motor. Universal motors are powered in two directions by their power source (both forward and back). It requires routine internal maintenance but performs much better and lasts longer. These motors have more power and torque, so in addition to general everyday grooming, they are able to get through heavily matted and thick coats. The second choice is Magnetic Rotary. Driven forward by the power source and then dragged back by a magnet. The motors are pre-lubricated, sealed, and require less general maintenance. They require speed and are less powerful so they are more useful for general grooming and shaving lighter coated breeds.

3. Clipper SPM

Means strokes per minute and is a measurement for the clipper blade speed (back and forth in one complete motion.)

4. Clipper Usage Recommendations

“High Volume” is made for professional groomers who see over 10 pets a day. “Moderate Volume” is made for professional groomers who see anywhere from 6 to 10 pets a day. “Low Volume” is made for professional groomers who see no more than 6 pets per day. “Precision Trimming” is made for professional groomers to clean up and detail coat around face feet, sanitary trip, etc. “The Entire Body” is made to groom a single dog. It will handle most coats and be able to groom the whole animal in one sitting.

5. Cordless Vs. Corded

Depends on your preference. If unrestricted movement is the most important feature to you cordless clippers are best but you will sacrifice some of the constant steady power than corded models offer and you will also need to worry about recharging. If it is a cordless model make sure it has lithium-ion batteries. They are lightweight, have lower maintenance, and keep a charge longer than other batteries.

6. Clipper Weight

Lastly, the clipper’s overall weight can be a very important factor when it comes to choosing the correct tool. Groomers usually hold the clipper longest out of all of the grooming tools and a professional-grade clipper weighs just over a pound.

PetEdge Catalog Professional Dog Grooming Supplies

Take care of your dog with PetEdge Catalog Professional Dog Grooming Supplies

Dog grooming is a key part of maintaining a dog’s health and comfort. The various breeds require different levels of grooming, but even short-haired dogs will benefit from regular grooming, and for long-haired dogs, it’s a necessity. Bathing, clipping, and nail trimming along with other basic grooming will help keep dogs healthy and happy and prevent or treat skin problems like thrush, scratches, and hot spots. It also helps keep the number of skin parasites down. Dogs are also less stressed by grooming if is done on a regular basis.  PetEdge Catalog offers every product that a professional groomer or dog owner would use to groom their pet. From nail clippers and combs to tubs and dryers!

PetEdge Catalog shampoos

PetEdge Catalog shampoos, lather and rinse for a shiney, healthy coat.

Whether you have a show dog or you’re a professional groomer, this pet supplies catalog has a variety of dog shampoos coat products for beauty or skin issues. Do not use human shampoo or other soaps on dogs, the acidity of these products is higher than what is appropriate for their skin and over time will cause irritation. Instead, use a shampoo specially formulated for your pet. With each of these dog shampoos, you should wash gently, especially in sensitive areas, making sure to both lather and rinse thoroughly. 

PetEdge Catalog helps you treat your pet with a special toy, treat, collars, and more.

When is it a good time to spoil a pooch with a new dog toy or treat? Anytime! Dogs just want to have fun, and PetEdge offers great dog toys, and quality pet treats. Cats are playful and intelligent, which can be entertaining for their owner but also get them into a good amount of trouble. Cat toys and treats are essential to keeping cats out of trouble and PetEdge Catalog has you covered. Dog collars come in a large variety of shapes, styles, and sizes just like dogs. As a groomer, you see the variety of dogs, that come in all different sizes and personalities. PetEdge Catalog has every type of dog collar you could need, from adjustable, chain, nylon, bark deterrent, hunting collars, head collars, leash leads, snake chains, reflective collars, martingales, training collars, and a variety of fun colors and designs, including paw print collars.

Outfitting your pooch in style is sure to get noticed.

PetEdge Catalog has an entire wardrobe just for your furry baby! From safety gear and life vests to sweaters, coats and jackets keep body warmth in while our footwear protects tiny toes from snow and slippery ice. PetEdge Catalog also stocks clothing just for fun like doggie costumes, tees and tanks, dresses, sleepwear, and even holiday-themed outfits!

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