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Spring Cruises Trends: Important Things One Should Know

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Spring cruises are making waves and they are appealing to all ages

The tang of salt air and the sound of sea birds calling to their mates are heady indulgences. Sometimes, people need to get away and luxuriate in a world of deep blue indolence. Spring cruises are making waves by satisfying that urge. They offer a tonic for the soul. They fulfill the wants of a diverse group of folks who have a hankering for different things solitude, socializing, or pampering.

Spring cruises offer many highly satisfying activities sports, dancing, dining, and glamorous stage productions that rival any in Hollywood. Today’s cruise ships frequently are likened to floating cities. Nevertheless, if the size isn’t something that particularly floats your boat, there are fleets of smaller vessels that offer a more intimate experience that’s comparable in quality.

There are cruises for those who think big

Those who think big can plan their spring cruises aboard massive ships that boast amenities unheard of not long ago. The world’s largest cruise ship is the Oasis of the Seas. It has 16 decks with several themed communities whose crowning touch is a huge, lavishly landscaped park similar to that found in the heart of New York City.

One might bring a dozen suitcases to transport all of the wide-brimmed hats and clothing warranted for such a jaunt. The cruise experience is highly individual. It has intricacy or simplicity because of the consumers. Those who prepare by investigating various cruise lines and the features of the ships in their stables will surely enjoy in the travel. Spring cruises vary greatly in duration, the number of ports visited, and the activities offered. Some are family cruises with kid-friendly activities.

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There are cruises for everyone

spring cruises
Moms and dads are finding that cruise time can be quality time. A cruise ship offers activities singles, couples, or family groups will certainly enjoy. And it can be a place of learning. Imagine the beauty of the stars and the planets nestled in a black velvet sky. Bring some high-power binoculars and see them as never before from the deck of a cruise ship at midnight.

Sometimes, people prefer having their business conventions with hundreds of participants aboard ships. This also applies to weddings with dozens of friends and relatives. Spring cruises today offer far more than a good view of the water. They offer an adventure that matches the wants and needs of the patrons.

Some cautions about cruises

spring cruises
Nothing can ruin a spate of spring cruises faster than realizing important items have been forgotten. Months ahead of departure time, some seasoned travelers begin to maintain a list of items that need to be included in travel bags and totes. Other travelers prefer to keep a list in each room so that items related to that room can be added before all lists are merged.

Keeping a list in each room has some advantages. The den might be where the address book is kept. That book is a must-have for sending postcards and letters unless labels are made out ahead of time. The kitchen might be where one’s a favorite little bottle of hot sauce is stashed. The basement might yield a rain poncho and its compact tote bag. There are many things besides passports and identifying documents to consider when dreaming of spring cruises.

Compose a comprehensive to-do list

  • Did you put a hold on the mail?
  • Do you have medicines and written prescriptions?
  • Have you arranged for payment of bills coming due?
  • Have automobiles been garaged someplace secure?
  • Is the spare house key in the hands of a trusted person?
  • Does the camera have fresh batteries?
  • Do you have a will and is it accessible to a designee?

What if you don’t like ocean travel?

travel in a cruise
Those who find the ocean too vast and too overwhelming can find spring cruises that instead traverse rivers and lakes. The Mississippi River is the home of numerous riverboat cruises that range in duration from a quickie to a long weekend or more. The sound of the paddle wheel churning and the live music performed by banjo players and accordionists makes the occasion extra festive.

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There are spring cruises that offer scenic tours of the Great Lakes, Lake Tahoe, and many more. Mostly any part of the country except Death Valley and the Badlands of South Dakota offers some kind of wet, wonderful vistas. And while the launch of giant yellow inner tubes into the raging rapids of Colorado doesn’t quite jive with the image most folks have of spring cruises, fun comes in many forms. How do you like your fun?


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