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Top 10 Ways to Propose

By Editorial Staff

Contributed by Cindi Pearce, Info Guru

Go big or go home? That may be the philosophy for some men (or women) when they are venturing to propose to their loved one.

However, if you have any inkling that the proposal will be (A) Scoffed at; (B) Laughed at and considered a joke, or (C) Rejected, you might want to play it safe and propose privately. You do not want to end up a laughing stock or, then again, maybe you do not care.

Here are the top 10 ways to propose:

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10. No-Frills Approach

Ask her, while you are both brushing your teeth, if she wants to get married. She’ll either say “yes” “no” “maybe” or “I’ll think about it.” Nothing lost but maybe not a whole lot gained in the romance department. You can ask, any time, any place. Depending on your personality, your romantic inclinations and your creativity, the proposal can be a major production, worthy of Broadway, or it can be simple, genuine, and from the heart with little or no fanfare.

9. S-c-r-a-b-b-l-e

Engage in a competitive game of Scrabble. About half way through, use the necessary letters and write out “Will You Marry Me?” Of course, you are going to have to make sure, in advance, that you have the needed letters, which will require a little cheating or buying another Scrabble game and dipping into those letters. Spin the Scrabble board around so that it is facing her and voila. Or, we hope so anyway.

8. Big Screen

Flash the marriage proposal on the big screen at a ball game. This is usually a bit hit, unless the girlfriend is otherwise occupied and fails to see it. Glue her to her seat.

7. Skywriter

If you are vacationing at the beach, get a skywriter to fly overhead, with the obvious words …. Sasha, will you marry me? Written in the sky for all the beachcombers, and Sasha, to see.

6. Christmas Ornament

If the proposal is going down on Christmas, purchase a beautiful angel ornament and figure out a way to affix the engagement ring to the ornament so that it appears to be the angel’s halo. Hang the ornament on the tree and if necessary, give her a little nudging, pointing her in the right direction.

5. Billboard

This is not for the weak of heart or the impoverished: Rent a billboard, a big one, on a very busy street. In large letters, it should say something to the effect of: ANNEKA, WILL YOU MARRY ME? Drive your girlfriend past the billboard, slowly, trying not to hold up traffic, and point up. Gee, look at that. Watch her reaction. If she breaks out in a cold sweat and starts convulsing, either in laughter or tears, perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea after all. Only thing, if she refuses the billboard will probably remain in place for another month or so, so you are going to have to deal with your humiliation every time you drive by. Take an alternative route.

4. Man’s Best Friend

Get your pooch in on the act. Put the diamond ring on his collar, along with his other identification tags. (Warning: Do not let him go outside while the ring is attached. This could end up in a debacle.) Make up some song and dance about how you think the dog has something wrong with his neck. You examine his neck and then insist that your girlfriend do the same. Tell her to look really closely to see if she can see anything … sparkly.

3. Movie Date

This will take some finagling as will most of these proposal suggestions: Go to the movie theatre that you and your girlfriend frequent and see if they will place an advertisement, during the previews, on the screen, which, of course is a proposal to your loved one. Make sure that she doesn’t have her face buried in a box of popcorn when the proposal flashes onto the screen. Remember to bring the ring along. Invite your family and friends. The theatre is dark, so she will not know that they are in attendance until the celebration begins.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Halloween might be an excellent time to have a scavenger hunt, inviting your family and friends. Send out everyone, including your girlfriend, on a scavenger hunt. You will need partners in crime to pull this off. The girlfriend is eventually going to end up at a certain location, looking for an item on the scavenger list, and you are going to be there, dressed up in a costume so that she doesn’t recognize you. There are endless possibilities. Think up clever instructions but puzzling ones that lead her to you and the proposal and engagement ring.

1. Traditionalist

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Do it the old fashioned way. Get down on your knee, present her with a fine diamond (of her choosing, if possible), tell her how honored you would be if she would allow you to be her husband and go from there. There is absolutely wrong with being traditional when it comes to a proposal.


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