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Amazing Shoes That are Good for Your Feet

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Contributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

My name is Lindsay, and I am a shoe addict. You too? It’s hard to say no, isn’t it? Even when those shoes have a toe you know will have you screaming in pain after a dozen steps, or a heel that makes a sidewalk crack a safety hazard.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Honestly! There are shoes that are good for your feet! Don’t believe me? Here are ten kinds of shoes that won’t make your feet want to shout “Uncle!”

10. Round-toe shoes

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It might sound obvious, but your toes need space to breathe and move and wiggle. Pointy-toe shoes might look fashionable but they’re not at all healthy for your tootsies. Give your toes a break and opt for round-toed dress shoes instead.

9. Hiking boots

Hiking boots are a great choice for healthy feet. Not only do they allow your toes wiggle room, the best ones provide excellent support from foot to ankle. Look for a lighter-weight design to minimize fatigue on hikes, or select a sturdier steel-shank design for rugged territory.

8. Five toe running shoes

Fans of five toe running shoes love these close-to-barefoot running shoes. Although the jury is out on some aspects of the health claims, there is evidence that the ergonomic benefits to toes may be significant. Traditional shoes can push outer toes inward, leading to long-term foot problems. The five-toed shoes separate the toes, allowing the full foot to work much as it does when we’re barefoot.

7. Shoes with steel toes

If your job or recreation takes you to places where your toes are in danger of being smashed, crunched or cut, steel toed boots or shoes are clearly the shoes that are good for your feet! Look for a fit that includes some space between your foot and the steel plate to allow for flexing without touching you. Wear them with cushioned socks to prevent irritation if you’re prone to blisters.

6. Shoes with gel inserts

If you have a tendency to roll your feet inward or outward, a gel filled shoe might be your best option. Gel-enhanced shoes help stabilize your foot to keep your stride in line.

These shoes are also a wonderful choice for people who have foot pain on impact due to heel spurs, as well as people with spinal alignment issues. The gel absorbs the shock which reduces pain with every stride.

5. well-fitted running shoes

If working out is a part of your life, make sure your running shoes or cross trainers are the very best you can afford. Skip the discount racks and have your shoes fitted by a professional to avoid foot and ankle injury.

When athletic shoes start to feel thin (when you can feel small stones or bumps through the soles), it’s time to replace them.

4. Flats

I love heels, I really do. But experts warn that wearing them hurts women’s feet, backs and can even misalign internal organs! That’s a lot of risk just to look sexy. The truth is well-constructed flats are a much healthier choice for everyday and dressier occasions.

Shop for flats with solid support and good cushioning to absorb shock, especially if you’re on your feet a lot.

3. Orthotic sandals

Sandals feel amazing when the summer heat hits. But sadly, most sandals aren’t good for your feet. They lack support, are often too thin to protect your soles from hazards and may force your toes to grip in ways that lead to foot pain.

For years, “healthy” sandals were ugly sandals. Sure, they felt good. But they looked clunky and odd. Thankfully someone figured out how to make orthotic sandals that look great and are good for feet, too. My summer style…and my feet…are grateful!

2. Sturdy tie shoes

Men have had this one down for decades. Their classic oxford dress shoes are actually good for feet. The combination of excellent support and a roomy toe space makes them ideal for long days at the office.

1. Slippers

Okay, so maybe these aren’t technically shoes. But when I slide into my soft, cozy slippers at the end of a long day, nobody can tell me they aren’t good for my feet. Anything that feels that good just has to be right for feet. Night, night…off to dream about shoes!

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Just remember…shoe styles come and go. But you only have one pair of feet to carry you through life. Treat them well, and you’ll be happy to have them along for the journey.


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