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Safety for tanning bed customers

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Safety for tanning bed customers must be rigidly adhered to

Safety for tanning bed customers must be rigidly adhered to

The self-tanning industry is closely monitored by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) because of the inherent dangers that can occur if the tanning booth or bed is not run correctly. All tanning bed operators must be aware of the rules and regulations associated with the business and with the problems that customers can encounter if they aren?t advised of the risks and requirements. All salons must make available guidelines on safety for tanning bed customers. Not doing this is negligent.

The first thing a tanning bed operator should do is present the first-time customer with a list of rules, regulations and possible dangers. Just like investing in tanning beds and tanning salon equipment, tanning salon operators must invest in educating personnel about tanning bed safety.

The attendant should answer all questions posed by the customer. If the attendant doesn?t know the answer she needs to find out efficiently and correctly – and communicate that information to the client.

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The customer must be informed that she/he has to wear goggles at all times when in the tanning bed. This is mandatory. Closing your eyes or covering your eyes with cotton balls is not sufficient.

Do not allow a customer to get into a tanning bed without the requisite goggles. Ideally the customer should provide her own goggles because this prevents the spread of infection.

Discuss the wattage of the bulbs in the booth or bed with the customer. If the bulbs are new they can burn skin.

The booth must be thoroughly cleaned after each use. If a customer doesn?t think a booth is cleaned adequately she should ask that it be cleaned before she enters. Leave a bottle of disinfecting cleaner in the tanning booth and the customer may clean it herself.

The attendant needs to show the customer where the shut-off switch is. The customer can use this if she gets sick or dizzy. Do not stay in the tanning booth or bed if you are feeling ill. Get out immediately.

An operator must inform the customer that taking certain medications can result in an adverse physical reaction. This information, along with all necessary information, is to be included on the sheet that you provide the customer. Some medicines cause the skin to be extremely sensitive, which is called photo sensitivity. The acne drug Accutane is an example of a drug that causes extreme sensitivity and causes skin to burn easily. Antihistamines and various types of birth control can also cause photo sensitivity.

The operator should tell the customer about maximum exposure times. There are regulations regarding exposure times, which determine how long an individual can stay in the tanning bed. If you are tanning at home it is equally important that you observe the maximum exposure guidelines. Do not exceed them. If you do you do so at your own peril.

Tanning beds should be equipped with automatic timers. However, the attendant should not rely exclusively on the timer. She needs to keep tabs on her customers to make sure they don?t stay in too long. Make a point of remembering what time the customer got into the bed.

The operator should inform all customers that medical conditions such as diabetes, lupus and herpes can be aggravated by using a tanning bed. If a customer does have one of these conditions yet insists on tanning the salon should required that she sign a medical release form.

Pregnant woman should not get into tanning beds. The ultraviolet rays can be dangerous to the unborn baby. When you raise your body temperature above 102 degrees Fahrenheit when pregnant this can prove harmful to the fetus. When in a tanning bed you lie on your back and this is not the ideal position for a heavily pregnant woman because it decreases the flow of blood to your heart, as well as to the baby.

Some women experience the ?mask of pregnancy,? which is splotchy, uneven skin pigmentation. This can get worse if a pregnant woman gets into a tanning bed.

If you have your own tanning bed at home remember to follow all of the safety recommendations and warnings for the appliance just as you would do at a salon. 


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