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What are the Best Jewelry Gifts for Mom

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or Mother’s Day, there’s one thing almost any mom loves to receive and that’s jewelry. But it can be hard to know what to get for mom this year, especially if you’ve bought jewelry for her in the past. What then are the best jewelry gifts for mom this year?

So I’m here to help. As a mom myself, and a veteran of quite a few years of buying jewelry gifts for mom (and assorted aunts and grandmothers), I have a pretty good idea of what makes a mom smile … and what makes her wonder if the return receipt is somewhere in the box. So here are my top 10 suggestions for jewelry moms love.

10. Jewelry that celebrates her kids

Without you (and your siblings), your mom wouldn’t be a mom at all. That’s probably why so many moms love jewelry that includes their kids’ names or birthstones.

Before you skip over this as images of grandmom’s weird “mom ring” with clashing colors of birthstones fill your mind, rest assured that the old (and let’s face it, tacky!) birthstone rings of years gone by have been replaced by much cooler and trendier personalized jewelry designs. Think reclaimed elements, mixed metals, and handmade quality. Yes, this is a surefire jewelry gifts for mom!

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9. Historic reproductions of great jewels

jewelry gifts for mom
Ok, so I understand that the Hope Diamond isn’t in this year’s gift budget. Ditto the jewels found in Egyptian tombs or anything that starts with the term “Crown Jewels.” But that doesn’t mean you can’t give mom the feel of some of the great jewelry pieces of history.

Museum stores and online museum catalogs are wonderful places to find affordable replicas of some of the finest jewelry designs ever. Select her favorite region, country, or period of history and you’re sure to find something just right.

8. A jewelry gift that grows

charm bracelet for mom
Sometimes the old standbys are the best — after all, there’s a reason they’re still around. And that’s certainly true when it comes to charm bracelets. No other piece of jewelry allows the wearer to add symbols of life events, hobbies and travel, creating an ever-expanding treasure.

If your mom doesn’t have a charm bracelet, a pretty gold or silver bracelet is a sweet gift. If she has one, why not make it a tradition to add a new charm each Mother’s Day or birthday to mark the changes in her life.

7. One of a kind, artisan jewelry

jewelry gifts for mom artisan
Of course, you can go to the mall and find jewelry for your mom. But what happens when she sees three other women wearing the exact same bracelet or earrings? There is a better way!

Let mom know you think she’s something special by buying artisan-created jewelry at your local art festival, artists’ co-op, or handcrafted jewelry catalog.

6. “Watch” her reaction to this gift

watch jewelry gifts for mom
A beautiful new ladies watch is something your mom will love to find inside her gift box. Choose a casual look, or treat her to a fancy watch for dressier occasions.

5. Jewelry that reflects her spirit

jewelry gifts for mom
If the world of faith and spirit is important to your mom or grandmother, a gift of religious or spiritual jewelry is a wonderful choice. From a Star of David to a cross, a pentagram to an OM symbol, there is beautiful jewelry for every faith and every budget.

4. Jewelry with a pedigree

jewelry gifts for mom brooch
Sometimes the best way to give your mom a unique gift of music is to shop for jewelry with a past. Estate jewelry and vintage jewels offer unique styles you just can’t find in modern jewelry.

3. Jewelry for a cause

If your mom is passionate about a cause, a group or even a sports team, look for jewelry that promotes the things that matter to her. Whether it’s Autism Awareness or her favorite MLB team (go Yankees!), matching the gift to her passions ensures you’ll be giving her a gift she’ll treasure.

2. Jewelry you make yourself

There is probably nothing a mom likes more than something made by their own children. So why not give her a gift of jewelry you’ve crafted with your own little (or not so little) hands?

You can go simple, with a pendant you select on a chain you think is just her. Or you can get more elaborate, creating a unique mixture of beads, charms, and even elements you make from craft clay or other art supplies.

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1. Diamonds are a girl’s MOM’s best friend!

If the budget will bear it, there’s nothing quite like a diamond to bring a smile to any woman’s face. And moms are just women who are a whole lot more tired than other women! Multiply that factor by the number of kids (or grandkids), and you’ll have an idea of just how much mom has earned that diamond necklace, bracelet, or earrings.


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