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10 Unique Gift Ideas for Collectors You Know

By Editorial Staff

Collectors are a tough bunch to shop for. Part of the fun of their hobby is finding and selecting items to add to their collection, so where does that leave loved ones who want to get them the perfect gift? These ten gift ideas for collectors complement their interests without requiring you to become an expert, too.

10. Display cases

Collecting takes work. One of the best ways to encourage her to enjoy her work is with a display case or curio cabinet for her favorite pieces. They come in all sizes and allow the best pieces to be featured and protected from dust and other elements. Whether pins, stamps, or coins are her thing, a beautiful display recognizes the importance of her hobby.

9. Tickets to a show

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Unless your loved one is Jay Leno, he probably doesn’t have an airplane hangar or two filled with antique cars. It’s okay because neither do most enthusiasts. That’s why there are car shows throughout the country every year. Tickets for two to an event geared around their hobby give them something fun to anticipate.

8. Another One

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Why not top off their assortment with another one – because they can never have too many. Too many of whatever it is they collect, of course. But shop for your gift with a twist. For example, for the collector of unicorns, give a clock that is a unicorn. For a collector of sunflowers, give a teapot covered in sunflowers. Find something that is useful and beautiful, with a nod to their passion.

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7. Subscription

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Some gift ideas for collectors are so practical you may be surprised she doesn’t already have them. For example, getting her a subscription to a magazine dedicated to her hobby gives her the opportunity to continue expanding her knowledge and love for the subject.

6. Novelties

Those who can’t resist folk art, wacky road trip tees, and other Americana know their hobby is a work-in-progress. There’s no end to the magnets, rustic prints, and novelty collectibles that’ll make your recipient’s home that much cozier. Each item has a tale to tell, so make sure you ask about the item’s back story.

5. Figure stand

Free Collection of Miniature Harry Potter Toys Stock Photo
Some of the coolest gift ideas for collectors are also the most obvious. Those who acquire military and action figures, in particular, appreciate stands to feature their favorites and newest additions. These are low-cost supply items that’ll definitely be put to good use.

4. Folding chair

Walking trade and antiques shows often go with the territory of this hobby – these events are prime time for buying, selling, and socializing with fellow enthusiasts. But all this activity takes its toll and there’s never enough seating at these places. A comfortable folding chair will do wonders towards boosting his overall enjoyment and energy.

3. A new addition

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If you’re comfortable shopping in her element and have a strong sense of what she looks for in a new piece, add to her collection. A collectibles boutique will carry everything from cow figurines and Disney characters to hand-painted horses, high heels, and vintage music boxes. If you’re not certain about what she does and doesn’t have, send in a catalog and let her pick one out herself. Your treat.

2. Blank journal

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Building a collection is often a lifelong pursuit. Cautious buyers wait years between discovering and acquiring certain items, during which time they fill in knowledge gaps and learn to identify quality pieces. A blank journal or large, sturdy notebook is an ideal place for sketching items to research, jotting down notes, vendor names, and all of the other details they may otherwise jam in their head for years.

1. Magnifier

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Selecting new pieces calls for a good eye for flaws and potential fakes. A magnifier will allow him to spot minor flaws and signs of corrosion that could devalue a piece. Many affordable magnifying glasses include a built-in light and retractable lens for convenient portability.

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